Zero Day Venerabilities

venerability [ ven-er-uh-bil-i-tee ]
noun, plural ven·er·a·bil·i·ties.

  1. Things impressive in nature or interesting because of age, antique appearance, etc.

Open Source Projects

SDK and sample bot (UsherBot) for controlling Zoom meetings, managing the waiting room, automatically co-hosting known participants, responding to chat messages, etc.

Customized firmware & external management software for self-cleaning cat litter based on the CatGenie hardware platform

Open Source Contributions

RFID "swiss-army knife" for RFID enthusiasts, academic research and penetration testing

Wordpress Plugin to help twelve step recovery programs list their meetings

C# Wrapper around Zoom Meetings Client SDK for Windows

Closed Source Contributions

Vertical Wave IP
(Formerly TeleVantage)

T1 PRI Drop & Insert Sequence
CCBiller (IVR Plug-In)

Vodavi PathFinder

T1 & E1 Signalling Code, Built-in IVR/Voicemail Modules, VEX Language Enhancements, Various Custom IVR Modules (Prescription Refill, Military Housing, Building Inspection, etc.)

Server Automation

Core bug-fixes and feature enhancements, multi-domain support, SA Agent support in AWS, Goanna plugins and management utilities

Core Privileged Access Security

Fix for SSH reliability issues (Conversion from PuTTY to OpenSSH), Password management integration with Server Automation